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Federico Flamminii Albani was born at San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) in 1990. For fifteen years he lived in the second worst neighborhood of Giulianova (TE) where he became friends with loads of interesting characters. One day he decided to become a Buddhist monk but soon he gave up on the idea because it wasn’t cool anymore. In front of friends and relatives he can brag about getting a Master Degree in Communication and Fashion Journalism at Eidos and Fashion Marketing and Communication summer course at Accademia di Costume e di Moda, about writing for Via Montenapoleone, about collaborating with Eidos Communication school, with dj Andrea Mattioli, with ModaSapienza with a brand that draws lowbrow puppets with a heart and two bones and so many other things – all this at the tender age of 20. Being 20 makes him hysterical. In his spare time Federico designs, tweets, invents new communication methods, talks while looking at himself in the mirror, studies all types of fashion and all the ways to make people feel more ignorant than ever. Because of his enormous ego, Federico Albani. tends too often to refer to himself in third person. This annoys a lot of people.